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Download The Complete Guide to Building Your Vendor Risk Management Program in 2017

Free 40-page eBook to create a mature VRM program

What every vendor risk management program must have in 2017 eBook

Tackling the problem of vendor risk is not made any easier by the fact that, with technology solutions being added by the day, current vendor risk management processes are not equipped to handle the growing demand of security risk assessments for new and existing third-parties. Download the guide to learn how you can improve your vendor risk management program to handle the modern risk that lies ahead.


Download the complete guide to building your vendor risk management program and learn: 

  • How to identify your organization's most critical third-party risk factors.
  • How to establish a central VRM office and continuous third-party monitoring.
  • Why you need to be aware of your vendor’s third-parties, and how to keep your organization safe from fourth-party risk.



Anyone responsible for third-party risk should read this eBook. This is a great resource if you need help getting started or you're just looking for new methods to update your existing VRM program.

Peter Lee, CEO RapidMiner

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